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Greetings, or something. I can't think of an eloquent way to start this off, so I might as well launch into the awkward explanation of who I am, starting with name and age.

My name is Erika, and my parents like to point on that they picked "Erika" because it is Scandanavian. I like my name because it means "powerful ever-ruler" when most girls' names mean things like "delicate flower" or "beautiful virgin." I am nineteen (and a half, or at least pretty close to a half). Despite the fact that I am nineteen, I'm told I often look and sound like a five-year-old, and you wouldn't be able to guess this wasn't true by looking at the blanket and stuffed animals on my bed. My blanket, like Pen's, is a pink baby blanket that I've had since birth. While I was also not creative with names-- "Blankie" served as the appelation for this beloved piece of cloth-- I was creative with genders. Blankie, despite being pink, was a boy. Blankie's staunchest companion was Snoopy, a stuffed replica of everyone's favorite beagle on Peanuts, who one of my parents' friends bought for me as a baby. I have one other stuffed animal on my bed at college, but that one has come into my life far more recently. It is a giant orange Friend Bear of the Care Bears, who could possibly eat Tokyo, and certainly eat me. The only way I keep myself alive is by feeding it the bedsheets.

I'm here because I was at the legendary dinner conversation that started it all, and witnessed Mar's geekgasm over the idea of an Irish Slytherin fighting a Norman Gryffindor. And I thought, "Here's the possibility of writing a Harry Potter fic that isn't the usual 'shippy drivel... yeah, I'm game."

I sort of ended up doing the Ravenclaw research by default, because Mar wanted Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and Pen wanted Gryffindor. From what I know of Rowena Ravenclaw thus far, she's going to be a Scottish noblewoman in the newly centralized Scotland, putting up resistence against the Normans at first but then wanting a more diplomatic answer to the conflict. She's widowed but very powerful, and her scholar son likes letters more than war. He'll probably be the one who suggests a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. I possibly need to hit up the books some more.

I'm comfortable with being the Ravenclaw person though, as I have a lot of people around me who are interested in Scotland and would be willing to share resources. Ravenclaw's also where I (and online quizzes) tend to sort myself. I have the Ravenclaw t-shirt and at one point knitted a hugeass Ravenclaw scarf, which I gave away to one of my friends who people tease me about a lot.

Now that I'm getting into Completely Random Facts That No One Needs To Know, I might as well continue along those themes:

-I actually don't play much in the HP fandom. I read the books, and occasionally lurk in the fanfiction places. I used to be more active when Percy/Oliver was a viable 'ship.

-I am a comics MANIAC, and a lot of my fandom activity has to do with superhero comics. Marvel's bothered me lately, but I have a love for X-men when it's actually good. If I wanted to be really wanky, I'd say I was 'shipping Northstar/Iceman before it was cool... wait, I just did something really wanky. DC Comics brings me endless glee in the form of the Bat-family, the Teen Titans, and Young Justice. I HEART The Authority, and don't even mind Mark Millar's run all that much, even if people think he fucked it up beyond all recognition.

-I like children's literature more than I do adult literature. The Dark is Rising is my favorite fantasy series, though Narnia and Redwall will always have a special place in my heart. For some inexplicable reason, Lucy Maud Montgomery's books about Prince Edward Island are my crack.

-I am a-okay with slash, het, and femmeslash, but I have a lot of pet peeves with all kinds of 'shippy fic. Basically, I'm cranky and I want my 'shipfic to read like gen that just happens to have 'ships. Smut tends to look all the same to me, and I often find it boring, so I tend to have a strong dislike for PWP writers who think their smut is deep and revealing of someone's inner character when it is actually just smut. I don't think people should stop writing smut; it's just generally not my cup of tea.

-I'm not as bitter as I sound. Really.
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