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Intro post

Hi, I'm fringedweller, and I'm one of the betas. I'm 26, work as an English teacher and I come from Wales. I'm not fluent in Welsh but I can handle simple translation requests or I can disappear to work on anything complicated. I studied Viking,Saxon and post-Conquest Europe as part of my degree and I'm dying to use the knowledge again. I love my job, but it's all English language and literature based and my historical knowledge rarely comes out to play.

I must admit that I'm envious of the fact that the writers are still in college, as my university time was the happiest time of my life so far. I met some fantastic people there, and it was there that the idea of The Fringedweller's Guide ( was born. Go and check the site out, it's very funny, even if I do say so myself.

I like HP fic, but I'm more interested in the adults of the canon, or stories about characters when they're adult. I deal with teenagers everyday and to be frank, I don't need to read (often badly written) stories about them. This project interests me because you seem to be handling the founders in a way that I haven't come across before.

So...I never had a blankie, my first stuffed animal was a Siamese cat called Snowy, I once was owned by a cat I called Neville and unusually for a Brit, I hate tea. I love bad puns, my hero is Miss Piggy and I love to collect unusual jewellery. Feel free to wade through my journal, it's usually full of rants about the idiots that cross my path and angst about, well, just about everything else.

I look forward to working with you all!
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