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As the betas begin to trickle in and the writers become anxious for the school year to end, thus releasing us to write, I think this is a good time to introduce ourselves. The three writers of Pallas can explain their Founder(s) and what they think should happen, as well as why they want to write this, who they are, and what they named their first stuffed animal. The betas can tell us who they are, why they have become our betas, what their specialty is, do they really like Harry Potter, how they drink their tea, and do they feed their tea to the neighbor's cat when the guests aren't looking.

This is sort of an ice breaker, but since I'm the only one, at the moment, who has had contact with everyone, we are in need of ice breakers. If you can think of anything else to add to your introduction - your life story, that time you went to see the bearded lady at the circus and she had no beard, your favorite Harry Potter character, your favorite LJ community - feel free.


PS Anyone who wants to help me make Francis Milburg icons will win brownie points. I have several copies on photobucket that I can hand out for people to play with.
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